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Koppers carbon materials and chemicals are used by many industries. They are essential to the production of aluminium, steel, plastics, resins, treated wood, and rubber products. They also increase the durability of many products including railroad ties, utility and transmission poles, and marine pilings.


Koppers experience and expertise make it the company that hundreds of manufacturers turn to for top quality carbon pitch, creosote, carbon black and phthalic anhydride.


Koppers is a worldwide supplier of carbon pitch, coal tar distillates, industrial wood preservatives, phthalic anhydride, refined tars and specialty chemicals.


Our services are available to our customers in an effort to keep us the preferred supplier for your carbon material and chemical needs.


Information dealing with the production, usage and refinement of coal tar may change as new methods are found. Updates are available via our Technical Support group or through our published white papers.



>Safety, Health & Environment  

Koppers has historically been able to achieve customer satisfaction and growth, while working within environmental regulations and safety requirements.


Employee, community and environmental safety are our strongest motivations for compliance.


Our Safety, Health & Environmental Policy


Pollution Incident Response

Mayfield facility – Pollution Incident Response Management Plan





• Community Notifications



Environmental Protection Licence and Monitoring Information

 Mayfield facility - Environmental Protection Licence





• Monitoring Data


    - August 2012 Emission Data


    - July 2013 Emission Data


    - March 2014 Emission Data


    - August 2014 Emission Data


    - January 2015 Emission Data


     -  March 2015 Emission Data


     -  March 2015 Point 10 Emission Data


     -  July 2015 Emission Data


     - October 2015 Point 10 Emission Data


     - December 2015 Point Emission Data


     - April 2016 Point 10 Emission Data


     - July 2016 Emission Data


     - August 2016 Emission Data


     - February 2017 Emission Data


     - May 2017 Emission Data


     - August 2017 Emission Data


     - October 2017 Emission Data




































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