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About Us 




Koppers Australia Pty Limited (KAP) is a 100% subsidiary of Koppers Inc. (KI) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The company is involved in the manufacture and distribution of coal tar chemicals, carbon black, preserved timber and timber preservation chemicals.

The Koppers world wide group, including KI, KAP, together with KI's other subsidiaries TarcoNord of Denmark and Bitmac of the UK, is the largest supplier of carbon pitch to the aluminium smelting industry world wide.

KAP's early history is that the company was incorporated on February 28, 1967 as a 50/50 joint venture between Koppers Company, Inc. (KCI) of Pittsburgh, PA and the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (BHP) of Australia.

The company was formed to build and operate a coal tar distillation plant at Newcastle, NSW in order to process all BHP's by-product coke oven tars produced at its steelworks in Australia. KCI at this time was the largest distiller of coke oven tars in the US and provided the technology and management for the new enterprise to become established.

The Newcastle plant came on stream in April 1968.  Since 1968 key dates in KAP's development have been as follows:-


KAP acquired the timber preservation assets in Australia and PNG previously owned by Hickson International Plc of the UK. This gave KAP timber preservation plants around Australia and a timber chemical manufacturing business producing CCA timber preservatives.


KAP acquired 51% of Continental Carbon Australia Pty. Ltd, a carbon black producer located at Kurnell, a suburb of Sydney.


KAP formed a joint venture with Hickson International Plc to manufacture and supply timber preservation chemicals in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG and Pacific Rim countries.


KAP became a 33 1/3% shareholder in Koppers Industries, Inc. (KII), the company formed to acquire the coal tar, timber chemicals and coke assets previously owned by KCI in the US.


Continental Carbon Australia Pty. Ltd. became 100% owned by KAP.


Koppers-Hickson Investments acquired 50% of Coastchem, a subsidiary of Murray & Roberts in South Africa.


On December 2, BHP sold its shareholding in KAP to KI so that from this date KAP has been 100% owned by KI.


Joint Venture Koppers (China) Carbon & Chemical Co formed with TISCO in Tangshan.


Koppers-Hickson Investments became 100% owner of Coastchem, now known as Koppers Arch Wood Protection.


Joint Venture formed with Kailuan Clean Coal Company, Ltd and Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Company, Limited to construct tar distillation facility in Hebei Province near Jingtang Port.


In July 2007 Koppers sold its ownership interest in the Koppers Arch joint venture to Arch Chemicals.




Corporate Information


Total group sales in 2014 were $310 million.


The company employs approximately 284 people.


The KAP Board of Directors comprises Mark McCormack,  James Sullivan, Steven Lacy and Michael Zugay.


Mark McCormack is the Vice President, Australasian Operations & Managing Director.

Senior Management are: 

Nick Moretti

Operations Manager
Koppers Carbon Materials & Chemicals Pty Ltd


Peter Wallbank
General Manager
Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd  

Toula Panagiotou

Commercial Finance Manager &

Company Secretary 






2007 Koppers Australia Pty Limited

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