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Our Business

Established in 1990, Koppers Wood Products is Australia's largest supplier of treated wood poles, engineering and piling timbers, and landscaping and viticulture products.

A 100% owned subsidiary of Koppers Australia Pty Ltd, Koppers Wood Products operates timber preservation pressure treatment plants in most states of Australia. The plants treat wood with a variety of preservatives to achieve protection against biological degrade from fungi, insects and marine borers and weathering.


The most common preservative is Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) and advancements in preservative technology now allow the application of Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) and MicroPro (Copper Quat) for residential and landscape applications. Koppers is the Australian licensee for Pigment Emulsified Creosote (PEC) for heavy duty protection and is able to utilise other special compounds for specific end-use requirements.


Koppers utilise these preservatives for the specific needs of its customers. We produce preservative treated timber power poles, foundation and marine piles and other heavy duty timbers where engineering specifications are strictly defined. Treated pine products are used for landscaping and rural products and are fabricated into a range of products including split logs, slabs and wing splits.


Treatment plants are located at Grafton (New South Wales), Takura (Queensland), Longford (Tasmania) and Bunbury (Western Australia). Pine product sales are handled through selected stockists.


Koppers is proud of the long employment service history. This provides vast experience and knowledge in assessing timber resource and timber preservation. Accredited with the Quality Management System, Koppers aims to be a superior manufacturer and supplier of treated timber products. Occupational health and safety and strict adherence to environmental regulations are also cornerstones of all our operations.


Our History

Koppers Australia was established back in 1967 as a 50-50 partnership between BHP of Australia and Koppers Company Inc. of America. The Joint Venture Company was formed to produce by-products from BHP material using Koppers Company Inc. technology.


One of these products was Creosote, used to protect timber from white ants and decay. In 1973, Koppers Australia moved strongly into the timber preservation business with the acquisition of timber preservation plants and chemical production facilities in Australia and PNG from Hicksons of the U.K.


A significant development of this relationship came in 1989 with the formation of the Koppers-Hickson Timber Protection Company, to make and market timber protection products in the Australian, New Zealand – East Pacific Region. At the same time, Koppers Timber Preservation Pty Ltd was formed with a consequently name change to Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd in 2003.

2007 Koppers Wood Products Pty Limited

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